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Bracelet Speed Alcantara Black Titanium

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In praise of the speed and watchmaking know-how of the BRM house, the Speed bracelet will be your most faithful ally. The purity of its lines, the nobility of its materials and its unique manufacturing process make it an exclusive piece to wear on the wrist for a sport-chic look. Titanium, a light alloy will withstand the most rigorous tensions to guarantee unlimited longevity to the buckle of your Speed bracelet. The polishing and brushing give this buckle, which is entirely machined in the mass, exceptional physical properties. Composed of 13 parts and assembled using 316 L stainless steel screws machined in the mass, screwed and glued to the two-component, each Speed buckle is a unique luxury item that can be worn for many years. The lacquer, deposited in a micro-syringe by our best craftsmen, will reveal the dynamic character of this extraordinary object.

Reserved for the elite of automotive production, Alcantara® is a material which, through its silky texture, color and flexibility, will hug your wrist like a second skin. Cut, sewn and painted by hand, the Speed bracelet is a unique piece in the world of men's jewelry.

Choose the configuration that will reveal the racing spirit that drives you.

Titanium , very resistant and light, is an innovative material synonymous with quality in the world of luxury. With titanium, a new era is opening in the world of jewelry. It is a dazzling matter just like silver. Its resistance is one of its strengths. 50 times lighter than steel, it is a subtle metal that knows how to highlight jewelry and takes on real beauty.

Alcantara® , obtained through a sophisticated industrial and artisanal process, it embodies the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle. In addition to being elegant and soft to the touch, it is easy to maintain. Commonly used in automobiles, it is a material that combines aesthetics and performance.

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